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Our policies

The purpose of Soha’s policies:

  • To set out how we do something and clearly show what we will do 
  • To treat people fairly taking into account individual circumstances
  • To give tenants a clear and accessible outline of how we do things. 
  • To give the Board oversight and assurance on key issues, involving tenants in the decision making 
  • To give staff a clear steer on the Board’s expectations 
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements 

We regularly review them with our residents to make sure they’re effective and relevant. We also take residents’ feedback, comments and complaints into account whenever we create or renew policies. A summary of each of our policies is below. If you would like more information about any policy, or an up-to-date copy, please contact Marisa Elliott: melliott@soha.co.uk 

Our Policies




Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and Complaints

Anti-social behaviour

Explains our approach to preventing and handling complaints about ASB and hate-related behaviour and crimes. 

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and Complaints


One of the important ways we learn from our customers about how we can improve our services. This policy outlines how we deal with, and learn from complaints we receive.

Business and operational


Outlines the circumstances where we’ll make a payment or gift in situations where our service might have fallen short, and we need to make things right.

Business and operational 


Soha aims to provide the homes that are needed now and in the future. This policy describes what,  how and when we can purchase land as an investment, for future use, and what happens when such purchases are made.

Business and operational 

Rental income

Outlines how we manage tenants’ rent payments.

Business and operational

Rent setting

How Soha set rents in our social and affordable rented properties, as well as how and when these rates might change.

Business and operational

Service charges

Where we collect service charges we’re guided by our service charges policy.

Business and operational

Shared Ownership Sales

Sets out our approach to selling, part-buy, part-rent homes.

Business and operational

Sundry Income recovery

Sets out our approach to recovering debts.

Business and operational


Describes how we offer new tenancies, and how we support and help residents to keep their tenancy agreements. 

Compliance and Safeguarding

Anti bribery and anti fraud

Soha’s strategy to avoid and deal with fraud, including bribery.  

 Compliance and Safeguarding

Confidential reportings

Outlines what happens when people need to tell us sensitive and serious information about our organisation, or members of our organisation, in confidence.  

Compliance and Safeguarding

Data protection

Soha’s Data Protection policy sets out our approach to the protection and retention of personal data, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 2018 (DPA) and GDPR regulations. Additionally, it outlines the steps individuals can take to access their personal information.

Compliance and Safeguarding

Domestic abuse

Our approach to preventing and tackling domestic abuse and violence. 

Compliance and Safeguarding


 Outlines how we consider environmental issues including issues of efficiency and conservation, as well as the materials we use, the waste we produce, and how our actions have an impact on the environment. 

Compliance and Safeguarding

Equality and diversity

We strive to promote equality and embrace diversity across our business. This policy sets out our approach. 

Compliance and Safeguarding

Gifts, hospitality and register of interests

Describes our approach to preventing and dealing with conflicts of interest and bribery. 

Compliance and Safeguarding

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children

Describes the steps we take to protect children and vulnerable adults from physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse and neglect. 

Compliance and Safeguarding

Social media

Soha has a number of social media accounts to communicate with residents and the wider public. This policy sets out how we use these accounts, and how employees may use their accounts and keep safe online. 


Board Member Recruitment and Selection

Describes how our Board recruits and appoints members of our Board (including the chair) and committees. 

Health and Safety


Sets out how we manage risk arising from the presence of asbestos.

Health and Safety

Electrical Safety

Aims to ensure that electrical safety is managed safely and reduce the risks as far as is reasonably practicable. 

Health and Safety

Fire safety

Outlines how we take steps to prevent injury or damage due to fire.  

Health and Safety

Gas safety

Guides all activities connected to the servicing and maintaining of gas appliances owned by Soha.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

How we comply with health and safety legislation, and how we identify and minimise risks to our employees, residents, contractors, visitors, our property and the environment.

Health and Safety


Approach to the management of Legionella bacteria in our water systems within the stock owned by and managed by us, to staff, residents, contractors and the public dealing with water and water systems in our homes.

Health and Safety

Lift Safety

The management of all types of Passenger lifts within the stock owned by and managed across the organisation. 

Property and Development

Aids and adaptations

Sets out how we make reasonable adjustments so disabled customers can live more comfortably in their homes.

Property and Development

Empty properties

Describes what happens when a Soha property becomes vacant, including cleaning, repair or renovation work, and re-letting.

Property and Development

Estates and communal areas

Outlines how Soha designs, maintains, cleans, manages and improves neighbourhoods and communal areas in most of our rented properties. 

Property and Development


Sets out our approach to letting properties. This should be read alongside our Tenancy policy.  

Property and Development

Repairs and maintenance

We know how important it is to keep our homes in good order. Our repairs and maintenance policy guides us when performing day-to-day repairs, as well as larger projects – like kitchen or bathroom upgrades. 

Property and Development

Right to Buy/Acquire

Soha's approach to discharging its obligations to tenants who are entitled to buy their homes under the statutory provisions of the Preserved Right to Buy and Right to Acquire. 

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