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How we're run

Soha Housing is a mutual. Shareholding membership is open to tenants, shared owners and leaseholders. there is no financial return to members, but there is a social return. Members make the most important decisions at Soha, including changes to our Rules, Board membership and how we invest in resident and community involvement.

We’re managed through a system of co-regulation. 

This means that our Board is legally responsible for the effective running of the organisation, but we’re held to account by our residents and work with them to monitor our performance.

We actively encourage and support our residents to get involved, share their opinions and tell us what’s working and what needs changing. 

If you’re a resident and would like to have a say about how we’re run and what priorities we set, why not contact us to find out more?

You can view the rules of Soha Housing here

Our structure

We sometimes compare our governance structure with the UK parliamentary model. Our Board is the equivalent of the cabinet, the Tenants’ Forum acts like the House of Commons and the Scrutiny Group is similar to a parliamentary select committee. 

Find out more about how we're managed and how we're regulated

Co-regulation at Soha

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