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Scrutiny Group

The Scrutiny Group is part of Soha Housing’s co-regulatory framework. The Group’s role is to scrutinise how Soha Housing’s Board and executive team are meeting the current Regulatory Standards  and Soha’s aims and objectives. Their work will help drive continuous service improvement.

Acting as a ‘critical friend’ to Soha, the Scrutiny Group:

  • Continuously monitors and comments on Soha’s performance against an agreed set of performance indicators 
  • Conducts in-depth reviews of Soha’s activities and operations 
  • Produces evidence-based scrutiny reports which can be used to draw up service improvement action plans 


It acts as a critical friend to the board and managers over the decisions they make that affect residents.

There are up to 12 Scrutiny Group members – carrying out in-depth reviews of issues as well as monitoring our performance. The group reports on how well Soha is meeting our residents’ aspirations and the regulator’s requirements. We currently have 7 members.

Recent scrutiny reviews include Soha’s Value for Money and how we meet our corporate aim to ‘help tenants thrive not just survive’.

In 2011, Soha’s Scrutiny Group was awarded the gold standard by Tenant Advisor. We were one of the first two housing associations to receive this award. In 2014, we won ‘most innovative scrutiny group in the south’ in the Customer Scrutiny Inspection awards. In 2016, Scrutiny Group Chair, Carole Burchett, won the Customer Scrutiny Inspection awards for lifetime contribution.

If you’re a Soha resident and would like to join the Scrutiny Group, get in touch:

Other ways to get involved

As well as getting involved in the management and running of Soha, residents work on specific projects such as:

If you want to get involved – in a small or big way – it’s easy to make a difference. Contact the resident involvement team at ri@soha.co.uk

Carole Burchett, former chair of the Scrutiny Group

Soha’s Scrutiny Group allows tenants to look in depth at Soha and the services it provides and how it performs nationally. It allows us to bring our findings to the people at the very top of the organisation and gives us influence. We work hard but we get to meet some very nice people – and we do have fun!

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