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Pay-as-you-go motoring comes to Henley

Henley Car Club website details
Picture of the two Henley Car Club cars and the URL www.co-wheels.org.uk/henley
One of Soha’s corporate aims for the next four years is to ‘become more environmentally sustainable’. This means working with residents to provide sustainable and energy-efficient homes and services and maximising our own positive environmental impact as a business. 
Henley Town Council has similar environmental ambitions to those of Soha and we will be publicising each other’s initiatives for maximum benefit to the communities the Council and Soha serve.
Dave McEwen of Greener Henley, who has worked on the Car Club Project with the Council for several years, has written a piece for us about the Henley Car Club:
Henley Car Club is here! Pay-as-you-Go motoring comes to Henley!
Two Toyota Yaris hybrids are available now in Car Club bays at the back of the Town Hall and on the Reading Rd outside Gibbs and Dandy.  
Why you might join …
Save money, less hassle. If you own a car that is not used frequently then you might well benefit from joining Henley Car Club. It is estimated that if you do less than 6000 miles per year, then you would save money by using a Car Club car instead. And no more hassle with sorting out repairs, MOT, insurance and all the other issues that go with owning a car – including the parking problem if you live in or near central Henley. 
Freedom and convenience that a car gives youGo where you want, when you want, as long as you have a driving licence. Just pay for the car when you use it.
Help to make Henley a greener place to live
•HELP THE TOWN TACKLE ITS POLLUTION PROBLEM. All Car Club cars are low emission, either hybrid or electric.
•REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT by sharing the Car Club cars with other like-minded Henley residents. It is estimated that eventually every Car Club car replaces 9 individually  owned cars.
So how does it work?
The Car Club in Henley is operated by Co-Wheels, a nationwide social enterprise: https://www.co-wheels.org.uk/how-it-works 

They really do make it very easy.  You need to join and get your smart card. You then book a car online or by phone and access the car using your smart card – no need for keys. After your trip you take the car back to its bay and are then billed just for the time and distance you have driven drive.  

Find out how to join and together with details of the special introductory offer for Henley Residents at www.co-wheels.org.uk/henley

The future
The delivery of the first two cars is just the beginning. The vision is for low emission cars – electric or petrol electric hybrids in a range of sizes – spread around the town so that every resident has a car to access within a 5-10 minute walk. 

Big thanks go to 

Henley Town Council and South Oxfordshire District Council who provided the money to get the project off the ground
Co-Wheels who believe that Henley will make a great place for a Car Club.
Greener Henley who have nurtured and supported this project over several years. 


Postscript by Soha Housing: Spreading the word about new environmental initiatives is very much a joint effort with residents. Alongside facilitating their development new projects in their own communities, Soha provides a platform for them to tell us and their neighbours about those already going on where they live. 
Soha’s strapline is 'We Grow Together' - especially in the realm of environmental work, this growth can only happen with the help of our residents, agencies and partners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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