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Involving you

Involving you

The Cholsey Mixers cookery group with Mrs Bun the Baker

Find out about membership at Soha.

Involving you is all about meeting new people, learning new things and working with us to improve our services and your neighbourhoods. It doesn’t mean lots of meetings, paperwork or people talking at you.

Whether you’ve got a few minutes to spare every few months or you can give more of your time, there are lots of ways you can get involved.

Find out more by checking out our events calendar or contact our resident involvement team.


Find out what's on in your area with our up-to-date events calendar. 


Help make a difference in your neighbourhood by joining a residents' group or association. 


Your chance to let us know what you think about Soha's services. 


Find out about the free training and advice we offer our residents.

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