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My garden

Trimming hedge with manual shears

We want you to be proud of where you live and of your community. So, if you have a garden (front and/or rear), or any outdoor spaces we expect you to keep these areas in a tidy condition.


We expect you to:

  • cut the grass regularly
  • trim any hedges or bushes
  • maintain any trees within your gardens
  • dispose of any cuttings/grass appropriately
  • keep gardens clear of weeds
  • keep your gardens clear of any rubbish or dumped items
  • ensure that fencing is kept well maintained
  • regularly remove any pet faeces and dispose of appropriately



We expect you to:

  • keep clear of weeds, overgrowth and moss
  • keep clear of any rubbish or dumped items
  • not keep untaxed, un MOT’d or unroadworthy vehicles on your driveway/gardens
  • not keep caravans, trailers or boats on your driveway/gardens without our written permission



There are no bylaws about garden bonfires, so anyone can light one at any time and as often as they like.  

However, if it causes a statutory nuisance, your Local District Council may be able to do something about it. For a bonfire to be classed as such a nuisance, the smoke will have to be affecting you in your home and/or garden.  It will also need to be happening on a regular basis (two or three times a week). 

To prevent your bonfire from becoming a nuisance:

  • we would suggest advising your neighbours that you intend to light a bonfire so that they can close windows and take any washing in if they wish. 
  • only burn dry 'clean' wood/garden waste 
  • do not leave bonfires unattended, even if it is just smouldering



The Police and Trading Standards are responsible for safety, controls and sale of fireworks.  If you have a problem with noise, for example, someone is persistently letting off fireworks on their property, then you can contact Environmental Services at your local district council.

To prevent your fireworks from becoming a nuisance:

  • we would suggest that you advise your neighbours that you intend to set off fireworks before your event to prevent any unnecessary suffering to themselves or their pets
  • aim to finish your display before 11.00 pm or consider holding your display at the weekend, particularly if you live in a built up area.
  • if a neighbour should complain to you about the noise, be considerate and come to an agreement to finish the display shortly.
  • after your display, clear up all the spent fireworks and dispose of safely



There are no by-laws relating to the lighting of bar-b-ques but we would ask that you consider the following:

  • do not use meths or petrol to light the bar-b-que
  • do not leave bar-b-ques unattended, even if it is just smouldering
  • be considerate to your neighbours if you are playing music/making noise in your garden



You will need to obtain written permission from us for any out-buildings, sheds, patios, ponds, driveways. If permission is given you will be responsible for keeping these in good repair.

What is not acceptable?

You will be in breach of your tenancy if you do not keep your gardens and outdoor spaces clean and tidy. You will also be in breach of your tenancy if you:

  • leave items such as tyres, mattresses, bin bags, white goods etc. on your property
  • you do not regularly dispose of pet faeces, broken glass, cigarette butts etc. from your gardens

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