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Golden retriever sat in a field

Pets can be a welcomed addition to any home but before you consider getting any pet, you need to ask us for permission.

We are likely to give you permission to keep a cat, a dog or a small caged animal if your home has a private, enclosed garden. 

However, if there are any communal areas where you live then we may not be able to grant you permission to keep any animals.

We will of course treat guide, hearing and enabling dogs as special cases.

Any dogs that are listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and any animals listed in the Schedule of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 will not be considered. 

We will only give you permission to keep poultry if we deem your property/garden suitable. We do not normally give permission for cockerels.

You should also check with your local council about any by-laws or planning restrictions that may prevent you from keeping poultry.

You can download our Pet Application form.

Once completed, please email us your application form.

We will normally contact you within 5 working days to let you know the outcome of your application.

Once you have obtained permission for a pet you must look after it properly and not allow it to:

  • stray or wander outside your property
  • foul gardens
  • cause any nuisance or distress
  • cause damage to your or anyone else’s property
  • create a health or safety hazard
  • be a threat or endanger other people 


We will expect you to:

  • maintain the health of your pets and provide necessary veterinary treatment when required
  • house your pet appropriately (tank, cage, garden etc)
  • keep your pet in a manner that ensures it’s physical and mental well-being is cared for
  • ensure that any pet is not allowed to become stressed when left alone
  • ensure that any pet does not cause any noise nuisance to other residents
  • not to keep so many pets that overcrowds a property and causes potential health risks to both animals and humans
  • to microchip dogs and cats and to comply with legislation dogs must wear a collar and tag. 
  • make clear arrangements to provide adequate care for your pets when you are away. 


If you do not gain written permission to keep a pet at your home or you do not keep to the above conditions, then we may ask you to re-home your pet or take legal action against you for breach of tenancy.

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