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Unwelcome behaviour and anti-social behaviour

The neighbourhoods team manage complaints of unwelcome behaviour (UB) and anti-social behaviour (ASB). Below you will find more information on each of these and what Soha can do to help. Take a look at our leaflet for more information.

Examples include:

  • Children playing in street/football
  • Trampolines
  • BBQ’s/Bonfires
  • Cat Nuisance
  • Domestic Noise (DIY, Vacuum cleaners/Washing machines, lawnmowers etc.)
  • One off Parties  
  • Smoking outside
  • Not being able to park outside your own home
  • Garden/Vehicle Nuisance
  • Inconsiderate parking/parking on Highways
  • Comments on Social Media (unless Hate related or harassment)
  • People ‘staring’ at each other/gossiping
Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can range from serious, criminal activity (such as selling drugs, domestic violence or prostitution) through to issues such as loud music, dumping rubbish or pet/animal nuisance.


ASB can be carried out by a resident, someone living with a resident or someone visiting a resident.

Examples include:

  • Fly-Tipping 
  • Noise Nuisance
  • Harassment/Threats
  • Drug use/dealing
  • Hate Related 
  • Domestic Abuse

If Soha receive any complaints of UB we will assist the complainant to resolve the problem by coaching them through how to bring their issue to their neighbour’s attention. Often residents are not aware of the impact their behaviour has on their neighbours

If this does not resolve the situation we may also be able to offer our Mediation Service.

In all but the most serious cases your neighbourhood officer will contact you to discuss your complaint.

We’ll contact the person(s) you’ve complained about to tell them about your complaint and to hear their version of events.

We’ll then draw up an action plan – involving you and your neighbour – outlining what we’ve agreed with you both to help to resolve the issue. 


To be enable Soha to resolve any ASB complaint we will require evidence. Depending on the nature of the ASB we may request that the complainant to:

  • complete Nuisance Diaries
  • attend Mediation
  • sign Witness Statements
  • allow us to install Noise Monitoring Equipment in their homes
  • provide recordings through the Noise App 
  • take Video/Sound Recordings
  • attend Court as a Witness

What will we need from the complainant?

  • The report must be made by the person(s) who have witnessed behaviour – not a third party
  • Complainants name & contact details so we can keep them updated with the progress of their case
  • Names and addresses of all those involved, perpetrators and witnesses
  • Dates, times and places
  • Has the complainant spoken with the perpetrator about their behaviour and what the outcome of the conversation was?
  • Has the behaviour been reported to Police or other agencies – reference numbers or contact details will be required
  • Details of what exactly has happened
  • Details of what exactly was said during incident (we will require the exact words used – we won’t be offended)
  • Details of how the behaviour has made them feel/what effect did the behaviour have on them?
  • What outcome would they like from Soha?



In order to resolve any complaints we must work with the perpetrators to address their behaviour. Legal Action is always a last resort.

We will consider using:

  • Letters/calls/visits
  • Mediation/Restorative Approach
  • Joint working with Police, Social Services, Mental Health Services etc.
  • Warnings/cautions/final warnings
  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC’s)
  • Providing additional tenancy support 
  • Injunctions/Court Undertakings
  • Notice of Seeking possession/ Section 21 Notices for Starter Tenancies
  • Possession/Eviction


You can use our contact us form or email us to report UB. 

You can use our online form to report ASB. 

Once we have received your complaint we will:

  • Open an ASB Case
  • Acknowledge the complaint and advise who their named officer is
  • Contact the complainant to gain any additional information
  • Agree an Action Plan with the complainant
  • Contact the complainant weekly to review the case
  • Only close a case with the complainants agreement


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