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Water charges

Water charges

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Important changes to the way you pay for water and wastewater

What’s happened?

Currently about 3,600 households paid the charge for water and wastewater directly to Soha. We outline these charges on your rent statement. Soha then paid Thames Water. This has changed.

Instead of Soha charging you for water and wastewater services, Thames Water will send you a bill. From April 1st 2018, it will then be your responsibility to pay directly for these services.

Why did this happen?

After a recent review of the agreement between Soha and Thames Water, including consultation with those tenants affected, Soha decided that it is simpler, and more transparent for you, if the water and wastewater charges are billed to you directly by Thames Water. That way you can be in control of the costs and the payments.

How do these changes affect me?

We shared the names and address details of effected tenants with Thames Water so that they could start sending bills to you from February 2018 for April 2018 payments. They will also contact you to tell you more about what will happen and when.  

The simple timeline below outlines the dates of the changes:

November/December 2017 - Soha has informed you about the changes happening.

January 2018 - Thames Water sent you an information pack, giving full details of your new account with Thames Water, how to pay your bill, and help and assistance with paying your bill.

February 2018 - Thames Water set up your account.

February 2018 - Thames Water sent you your first bill.

April 2018 - You make your Water services payments directly to Thames Water.

What should I do now?

There is no need for you to do anything. Soha and Thames Water will work together to ensure that we support you through these important changes. 

A small number of properties will continue to be billed for water by Soha. This is at Thames Water's request because of the structure of the properties involved. If you are still to be billed for water by Soha we will have written to you separately and the water charge will remain of your rent account.

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