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Tenancy support

If you’re having difficulty managing your tenancy or struggling with the day-to-day challenges of running your own home, we can help.

Our tenancy support service works with both new and existing residents, especially if:

  • you’ve not rented before
  • you have drug and/or alcohol issues
  • you have mental health issues
  • you’re a young parent
  • you’re a frail older person
  • you have a physical or sensory disability
  • you’re an ex-offender or are at risk of offending
  • you have a learning difficulty or communication issues
  • you, or a member of your household, have an issue with hoarding
  • you’re a refugee

What can we offer?

Some examples of how we might be able to help are:

  • understanding and explaining your benefit entitlement
  • finding ways to manage your money and develop your budgeting skills
  • explaining housing options available; how to find your next home
  • getting help from local services, like your local food bank and Welfare Advice centers
  • helping you to look after your health, such as registering with a GP or dentist

How do I get in touch?

Ask your housing officer or call us

What happens next?

Our Tenancy Support Officers will look at what sort of help you need and how we might be able to help. We’ll arrange a meeting with you to talk through any problems you’ve got. We may contact other family members or people involved in your care.

Together with you, we’ll then draw up an action plan for how we can help, what other agencies might need to be involved, and what changes you might need to make.

If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you why and refer you to other support services.

Step 1 – we get your referral.

Step 2 – we'll contact your for a meeting. We might contact other people involved in your care with your permission. 

Step 3 – either we can't help  but we'll try and suggest other services that can help, or we'll work with you to create an action plan. 

How long does it last?

Our Tenancy Support Officer will work with you for between one and six months. We’ll regularly review the action plan with you, to make sure you’re making progress. 

When your support comes to an end, we’ll give you information about other services that could help you in the long term.

We cannot help you with:

  • personal care
  • handling your money
  • counselling
  • medication

Our service is here to support you to manage your tenancy. It’s not supposed to replace social services, the NHS or any other council/statutory service.

Want some impartial advice about your choices?

Contact your local Citizens Advice service (free, independent and confidential advice) or call them on 03444 111 444.

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