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Reporting a repair

If there’s a problem, please report it straightaway.

What if it’s an emergency?


Please report emergency repairs immediately by phone on 
01235 515 900.

An emergency repair is one that threatens your safety or risks serious damage to your home. An emergency might be a burst pipe for example, or perhaps a gas leak, a serious electrical problem, or heating that isn’t working for someone who’s elderly or disabled.

Please don’t call us out for something that isn’t a genuine emergency. If you do, we may charge you for our contractor’s time.

How long will my repair take?

When you report a repair we’ll prioritise the repair based on what’s gone wrong and how urgent it is.

Emergency: 4 hours. We'll respond in four hours if there's immediate danger to you or other people or potential serious damage to be caused to the property e.g. gas leak, serious water leak, insecure property. 

Priority one: 24 hours. If you report no heating or hot water we’ll attend and complete the repair within 24 hours. The only exception being if specialist parts are required. If this is the case we will order the parts the next working day and fit them as soon as they arrive.

Routine: We'll complete the repair as quickly as possible at a time that's convenient for you (all non-urgent repairs).

Appointment times and who’ll do my repair

We offer morning, afternoon and school-run appointments, or weekday evening and Saturday morning appointments (if you can’t make a daytime slot).

Morning appointment: 8.30am–12pm
Afternoon appointment: 12pm–5pm
School-run appointment: 9.30am–2pm
Weekday evening: 5pm–8pm 
Saturday morning: 9am–12.30pm

We employ contractors to carry out your repairs. All our contractors follow our code of conduct, so they must:

  • carry an identification card and show it to you
  • take care of your home and your possessions and protect them from damage, dust, etc
  • keep your home secure
  • clear up their rubbish at the end of each day
  • make sure essential services (eg water and gas) are reconnected at the end of each day
  • introduce themselves to you before they start work on your home or garden
  • not smoke in your home or garden or cause unnecessary noise or disturbance

If you’d like to see the detail of our contractors’ code of conduct, download our repairs booklet.

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