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Repairs FAQs

You can report a repair by:

Please report emergency repairs by phone rather than online. We treat repairs as emergencies if they are necessary to avoid danger or risk to the health of the occupants, or serious damage to the property.

Outside normal office hours we will only handle emergency repairs. Please report non-emergency repairs on the next working day.

We’ll send you a confirmation letter to let you know that your repair has been logged 
and the date we will be attending to carry out the work .

If it’s an emergency repair we will attend your home within 4 hours.  For all other repairs we will carry out the work as quickly as possible at a time that is convenient for you. This means when you contact us we will make an appointment with you for our contractor to visit and carry out the work.

If your home is new and still within the contractor’s defects period, we’ll pass the details onto them for action so the timescales above will not apply.

Once a new property is handed over to us, the developer will be responsible for making good most of the defects found in the next 12 months. The defects period runs from when the property is handed over to Soha, not from when you move in.

At the end of the 12-month period, we’ll arrange to visit your home together with the developer to inspect the property and agree any final outstanding defects that need attention. Some issues, such as normal shrinkage cracks and damage caused moving in, may not be the developer’s responsibility.

You should still report all defects to Soha, not the developer.

Major defects will be covered by your NHBC 10-year warranty. See your handover pack for details, where you’ll also find any warranties or guarantees for your boiler and appliances installed by the developer.

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